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This has one of the most interesting graphical styles I've ever seen in a short film, seriously. VERY UNIQUE. Touching story too. But the main thing for me was the camera work and art, it was unreal. Superb job on all aspects of this film :)

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Yeah this is fun! - like you said, it's just the instrumental, but i really like where it's going so far! Has a really happy mood to it.

EctiBot responds:

Glad you liked it :D!

Awesome tune! It's a very bright and exciting track. Really well-produced. You do a good job having it transition frequently, always going into something relatively new, that bass is nice and fat, and the oomphyness of this song is perfect dance music -- I mean the only thing I'd say for constructive criticism is that there is a pop at 0:31 sec when that rising bubble/droplet synth rise comes in. XD

EctiBot responds:

Thx for the nice review :). Really glad you liked it :D. Your encouragin reviews and pm's really inspired me to make this :D. Thanks for being such an awesome fan :). I'll be sure to continue making music like this when I have such awesome fans ;).

This is cool! I like how it shifts between dramatic/orchestral to dramatic/ electronic elements.

Ironclover responds:

That was the goal. I'm happy I was able to meet it (:

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Love this kinda style, reminds me of those scary ghost story books I read as a kid.

I really like this, so epic.

Holy moly...now that...is disturbing.

I make a lot of different types of music, but I have a special appreciation for scores and movie/ video game soundtracks. I also make games http://stormcrowgamestudios.com/ If you're a musician, I'd like to hear your music, regardless of genre.

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