Entry #1


2014-04-30 01:03:57 by Maliskoph

Hey, I'm maliskoph,

I'll be posting original music on newgrounds now.  Feel free to download them, and let me know what you think!  I like to make cinematic/ soundtrack type of stuff, especially in sci-fi and fantasy genres!

Also here is a link to my co-owned video game company: http://stormcrowgamestudios.com/   -- and check out our new game Knife Tosser, for iOS and Android!

If you're a muscian or game desginer, I'd be interested in hearing/ playing your creattions, regardless of genre -- so send me a message and I'll stop by.


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2014-04-30 12:19:19

Hi and welcome to the site ;). I'll go over and check out you're stuff :D.
If you want to listen to some great musicians on here, you should check out johnfn, steampianist, JoshaHughes etc. Really are alot of awesome musicians on here :D.
Feel free to check out my tracks as well, though I'm not nearly as good XD.